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we help businesses in south africa with web design

We have a team specialized in  website design that will help your business with a website that will be an asset for your business. We are word-press Web Design Experts in E commerce and Corporate website.

What makes good website?

You know there are millions of websites out there, so how can you stand apart from your competitors?

Websites are one of the most important assets of a business. Having a credible, professional and engaging online presence requires work and patience.

A good website grabs your attention, wakes up your emotions, and gives you easily what you need. Here are some very important things you should consider when building a website for your business.


higher purpose

Reaching people with a brand’s message and bringing them onboard as customers are the keys to any successful marketing strategy.

Lead generation

Sending off newsletters, promotions, invitations to webinars, and other marketing materials are ways to further connect with customers.


A website amplifies a business's voice and identity. It tells the story behind it. And it shows how a business differs from its competitors.


Increase online sales for your business, the entire design will revolve in leading customers to making making a purchase.


booking websites and many more

Our Clients
Revamped Websites
Completed Projects

some of our work

1.Porium Group is an online store specialized in electronic gadgets, we helped them by setting up an online store for them so that they are able to sale their goods and services using an online platform.

2.101 Travel Agency is a traveling booking agency that helps travelers find the best accommodation and holiday packages in Africa. We helped them with a booking system website that enables their clients to choose their accommodation and holidays within Africa and South Africa

3.FWB is based in Kenya with their head quarters based in South Africa, is a non profitable organization that helps under privileged African kids through soccer, De Jongh Team helped them with a beautiful online presence to voice out their cause and what they do for the community.

4.Beaded by Africque is an online store specialized in African women and men jewellery accessories. They are based in the Washington DC, USA

We created there E Commerce Store. Their business was just an idea that we turned into a profitable brand

5. Bomi Communication is a consulting  agency based in specialized in project management an public relations. They are based in Gauteng. We helped them with a beautiful Corporate website that helps them clear define their services they are currently offering

6.MoHappy Math is  an online tutoring center that helps student from grade 4-12 with math lessons

We integrated an online class booking system and a student area login member portal that enables students and the tutors to interact with each other with an online  registration system for new members