De Jongh Marketing provides a manufacturer’s warranty on all products sold. The warranty period will therefore depend on the manufacturer, but is usually between 12 and 24 months and is subject to the manufacturer’s terms and conditions.

Yealink power supplies, components, and Jabra accessories, such as quick disconnect cords carry a 6 month warranty.

Yealink T2x range IP phones, expansion modules, microphones, add-on dongles, audio conference phones and DECT phones carry a 24 month warranty.

Yealink T4x and T5x IP phone ranges carry a 36 month warranty.

Yealink Video Conference Phones, MikroTik, Patton, Yeastar, AirTies, Jabra, NETOGY and iServ products carry a 12 month warranty.

− Zyxel Home and Consumer products carry a 24 month warranty.

− Certain Zyxel Switches and Business products vary between a 5-year, and a Limited Lifetime Warranty (Limited Lifetime Warranty is defined as the Lifetime of the product from when the product is launched and first supplied to customers, until the product End-of-Life (EOL) announcement is made upon the global Zyxel Website. The Switches and Business products will then be supported for a further 5 years after the EOL announcement is made.)

− De Jongh Marketing does not offer warranties on any software purchases and batteries.

1. How do I know whether my device is still under warranty?

The warranty on a device starts from the date of purchase, as printed on the original invoice. Alternatively, you can contact us and we can assist you with this information if you are able to provide the device’s serial number.

2. What does the warranty cover on my device? De Jongh Marketing adheres to the manufacturer’s and local CPA standards, and warrants the purchaser that products and accessories will be free from defects in material and workmanship under normal use and service for the period of the warranty.

3. What is not covered by my warranty? All warranties are immediately null and void in the event of any of the following: (a) failure to use the goods in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions and specifications; (b) goods have been subjected to physical damage, surge damage, lightning damage, liquid damage, abuse, misuse, alteration, neglect, tampering or improper maintenance; (c) goods have been serviced, repaired, installed by any person not qualified to do so; (d) goods are not accompanied by the original Tax Invoice; (e) seals on the goods be broken or removed by anyone other than De Jongh Marketing’s technician.

4. My newly purchased device is not working, what now? It seems that the device you purchased may be an ‘OBF’ (Out of Box Failure) or ‘DOA’ (Dead on Arrival). Not to worry, you have 7 working days from date of purchase to return the faulty device to De Jongh Marketing for a brand new replacement. The faulty device will however be subject to a quick assessment for any damage as listed in 3 above, in which case the warranty may be void. OBF or DOA returns must be returned complete in its in its original packaging with all accessories and manuals intact and accompanied by the original Tax Invoice.

5. What is needed from me, and where must I take my device if it is faulty? We highly recommend that, before you return a faulty device, you first contact De Jongh Marketing’s technical support help desk on 010 065 0077 to assist with troubleshooting and resolving the problem telephonically. If the device is confirmed faulty please complete the Warranty Return Request form, which is available on our online reseller portal, or by clicking on the following link – www.dejonghmarketing.co.za/warrantyreturn/. After the form is completed, please email it back to us at admin@dejonghmarketing.co.za. Please ensure that you provide us with the correct contact details and, most importantly, a clear and detailed Fault Description. Our technician will validate the information on the form and check the warranty status. If an item is out of warranty, he/she will contact you and advise accordingly. After verification, the technician will inform you that the approved device(s) may be returned to De Jongh Marketing. After the faulty device has been repaired or replaced De Jongh Marketing will return the device to you at our cost, provided the device has been tested and found to be faulty and the warranty is not void.

Ordered service  :


All Equipments and phone services will be installed within 30 working days 

Our Standard Policy applies after we do a site inspection confimed order and order stock and configure will be requested and will proceed with installation 


If you return a defective product to us, but you fail to return all of the accessories and parts that were sold with that product, we are entitled to (subject to applicable law)  refuse the return,  or only to replace the item that you did return; or to estimate the value of the missing accessories and parts and to credit or refund you in respect of the returned item only.

If you return a product that does not comply with this Policy, you may be liable to reimburse De Jongh Marketing for the cost of collecting the product from you and the cost of having the product returned to you.

Under no circumstances will donations you make on our Website, or any goodwill credit you may receive from us, be refunded.

Please note that we only refund to the payment method that you originally used – i.e. payment by credit card will be refunded to the same credit card, payment by Instant EFT or COD (cash on delivery) will be refunded to your nominated bank account, and payment by Discovery Miles or eBucks will be refunded to your Discovery Miles or eBucks account.

If you used the Nedbank Personal Loan payment method, your refund will be processed as follows:

If, at any time, items are returned (and such return is approved by De Jongh Marketing) in accordance with the this Returns policy or cancelled before delivery in accordance with customer terms and conditions, the value of the validated refund or cancelled item (as the case may be) will be credited to your loan account or repaid to you by Nedbank.

However, if you, within 45 days of that order being placed,  process a return of your entire order (and such return is approved by De Jongh Marketing) in accordance with the Return Policy or you cancel your entire order before delivery, and there is no delivery charge on the order, then Nedbank will refund you with any fees and interest due on the loan and cancel the loan accordingly.

Please note we have a 30 days refund policy after a cancelled order while we in the process of installation, charges may be charged if we already placed an order for your equipment and installation 


These Policy are effective from 20th June, 2020

Supervisor : Albert De Jongh  (admin@dejonghmarketing.co.za)

E-mail: sales@dejonghmarketing.co.za

Tel No.: 010 065 0077