Save up to 40% on your business Calls!!

Take a moment and just imagine how many business calls you have missed just this year, because of a bad phone system and our current load shedding!!

Did you know that for every missed business call, you missed an opportunity that could have added income to your business? 

Be Smart

Run your Company Like A Pro

Running a business is not easy especially during this tough times in our economy where everyone is recovering from Covid-19, its every business owners dream to cut down cost yet be more productive, your business telephone bill is one of the business expense you can never run away from so why not use a system that works for you and your team.

How This Phone System Works 

A VoIP phone system is a technology to make phone calls through your internet connection instead of a regular landline or a mobile network, As long as you have a high-speed internet connection, which includes a router and modem, you are ready to use a cheaper way of making calls and whats amazing is that all our packages come with a router specifically used for your telephone system and since VoIP runs over the internet, your phone system is stored securely for free in our cloud this means you and your team can make and receive calls anywhere even if you are not in the office.


What you get


Having a business landline number for your business is not a necessity, its a need because this will help you gain trust from your suppliers and customers


We have wide range of packages suitable for small, medium and large businesses in any sector, we provide our customers with a standard router, reception phones and desktop and cordless extenstions


if you are experiencing load shedding or you are working from home we have an advanced mobile application you can use to make and receive business calls at any time, and it gets better because you be able to make free internal calls with your team anywhere in the world



Business call recordings are great resources for team training. You can replay recordings to review which sales scripts work best, and which customer support queries need answering most often


This makes it easier for you and your managers to be reachable when they are outside of the office, especially if calls can be forwarded to their mobile phone.


Want an easier way to direct calls to the department they’re trying to reach? An auto attendant does exactly that. It acts as a virtual receptionist that greets incoming callers and routes them to the necessary departments.


It might be a good idea to think of a unique series of sounds associated with your brand.some customers genuinely enjoy listening to holding music, so invest in good quality tunes.

Customers reviews

We have four branches in gauteng and De Jongh Marketing helped us have one telephone system that manages the whole entire branches which has made our work much easier now
Joey Munana
Ikusasa Lethu Youth Project
We struggled with phone bill expenses and how to communicate with our staff since everyone was working from home, thanks to voip our team is one call away and we able to save more
Mila Patel
Mila Accounts Firm
After my phone installation, now me and my team cant miss any important calls because we are easily accessible at any time and any where we are in the country and whats amazing is the cheap rate on calls
Leon Dale
Bodyworx Auto