Office Phone Application

Save up to 40% On Your Calls!

  • Communication is a vital part of any business. Telephony remains one of the key ways many businesses interact with customers. But how can your company get the most out of its business telephony solution?
  • Our Packages come with unlimited business landline number 011, 012, 013
  • Office Phone Equipments for your receptionist, and the rest of the employees 
  • Smart Phone application installed on your employees handset, so that they can make calls and receive calls even if there working from home or experiencing load-shedding

System Call Transfer Features



4 Easy Steps

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After applying for the service, one of our consultant will review your application and send you the quote for our selected service and they will best advice any additional required documents

Our sales team will review your inquire and call you for a free consultation call to explain and help you get the best solution for your business and they will guide you on how to apply for our services .

After submitting all the required documents our finance department will review and approve your application please note: all applications are subject to credit approval 

After approval, our technicians setup your phone system and we deliver to your doorstep, anywhere in South Africa. all our packages are plug and play unless if your solution is too complex, we send technicians on site 

Please provide us with your valid contact details
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Please Note the longer the contract the lower the monthly fee