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We have helped so many companies in South Africa, with mobile application development, and in today’s business world most of our big competitors in South Africa have developed mobile applications in their business in order for them to make their customers lives much easier.

Mobile applications make Our lives much easier, many applications on our phones makes our lives much easier today, we easily buy our data electricity and transfer funds with our mobile banking apps in the comfort of our homes, not forgetting ordering food on either Uber eats or Mr D delivery app  

Now you also can create a solution for your business using technology  that will make your customers lives much easier our tech teach is specialized in mobile application development.


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At dE JONGH DIGITAL MARKETING, we change the way software is built so you can rapidly create and deploy critical applications that evolve with your business.

Delivery app

Booking app

banking app

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While most of our competitors where closing down their business, our food business was growing rapidly, because we decided to invest in a delivery app that enabled our clients to order online, Thanks to De Jongh now we are able to stay strong in our industry.
Sandra Peters

Different food menu

Our clients was able to have their all full menu on their app to unable clients to choose which meal they want

online payment

We intergreted a payment gateway for our clients to unable their customers to use visa credit card to unable them to receive payment

marketing content

We made sure that we create beautiful content for our clients, for marketing purposes to make sure they stand out in their business

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app content

De Jongh is commited to make sure that we create the right content for your app before you even launch it to your clients

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