Heavy Equipment Rental

We structure and tailor financial solutions that meet the specific requirements of your type of business and the type of machinery needed


De Jongh Industries Pty Ltd is a reputable, trustworthy and well recognized supplier

We are passionate about yellow metal machinery and aim at proving you with good quality new and pre-owned earth moving equipment. our trusted partners have 30 years combined yellow metal experience and are competitive when it comes to providing you with the right equipment at the right price.  hands when it comes to investing your money in yellow metal machinery

What sets us apart:

  • We provide complete peace of mind.
  • We offer cost-effective solutions that consistently add value.

Whether in manufacturing, mining, construction, recycling or agri-processing, the right equipment at the right time can improve processes and productivity or unlock new business opportunities

Asset and equipment rental financing offers the flexibility to upgrade and change equipment as needed, as well as benefits of no capital outlay and no deposit, so why buy equipments that might depreciate after a few years when you can rent what you need for now and upgrade later.

Discover how our unique approach to rental financing and active asset lifecycle management will turn your procurement strategy into a competitive advantage.


This is why renting starts to make more sense in the greater scheme.


The Rental Concept

You should benefit from using assets and equipment, not owning them. Renting enables you to enjoy full, uninterrupted use of the equipment, after which it’s simply replaced or upgraded when the agreement comes to an end

Why Choose Us?

De Jongh Industries Pty Ltd has been providing companies with assets for more than 5 years. Our approach lets you enjoy the benefits of the latest technology while minimising your expenses. Our tailored solutions come with transparent terms and agreements, while our zero-deposit policy protects the integrity of your business cashflow..

The Benefits

Renting offers controlled-cost usage and upgrades to the latest, most relevant technology, without the budget implications and administrative burden of ownership. Rental agreements give you additional end-of contract options, including returning the assets, upgrading them or extending the lease


In short, we move mountains so that our clients’ businesses can get moving. And we do it by providing businesses who can’t always afford equipment that’s straight out the box, with high quality, good as new, used earthmoving equipment, unmatched aftersales service and a relationship that’s geared for growth. It’s this absolute dedication to our clients that has gained us the title of Africa’s Leading Earthmoving Equipment Dealer.

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Financing the rental of equipment that your business needs

Why Renting Heavy Equipment Is Better Than Buying

The decision to rent or purchase construction equipment is one of the first questions many companies or individual contractors will ask. A careful analysis and review of the situations in which businesses might use this equipment, the level of frequency, and a company’s financial situation are all things managers can use to make this decision. There are several potential benefits to renting the things you might need

Benefits Of Renting Heavy Equipment


Renting the construction equipment you need can save the company money in the long run. If a business needs a particular piece of heavy equipment but does not currently own that type of machine, acquiring a rental could be a good option.


Maintenance on construction equipment can be both time-consuming and costly for a business. However, a dealership that has rented machinery out to your company usually keeps everything maintained as part of the agreement.

Strong Borrowing Power

Banks look at rented equipment differently than they do purchased machines. In general, they don’t look at construction equipment rentals as some kind of liability when examining a company’s balance sheet.

Reduce Waste Time

Time is money, and equipment that is not working on a site or still in transport to the site will eat into a company’s budget. Securing a rental agreement means that you know what kinds of heavy machines you are getting, how long you’re renting this for, and when the equipment will show up for use

Take New Opportunities

Being able to rent these machines means you can chase new leads for the business without worrying about expensive investments that might not pay off. If something goes wrong, a rental agreement can mean that repairs will happen quickly, or a replacement will be sent to reduce any wait times

Regulatory Compliance

When you rent construction equipment, someone else is responsible for staying abreast of any changes in laws that pertain to heavy equipment emissions, You can be relatively certain that the stuff you choose to rent is current with government standards and ready for use on your next job


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