About Us

We are a team of committed geniuses specialized in WordPress & website design and digital marketing services in South Africa

About Us

De Jongh Industries Pty Ltd (Reg 2020/882527/07) currently trading as De Jongh Digital Marketing, was founded by Stephen Mukwemba and Joelene Mukwemba

Joelene Mukwemba


Stephen Mukwemba

Co-Founder/Managing Director

Joshua Mushota Kangwa

Partner/Business Relationship Manager

Our story

Joelene and Stephen founded the company during the COVID – 19 pandemic in which most companies shut their doors down. Joelene and Stephen decided to establish a company that not only allows companies to market, sell or service their clients digitally but also enhance the tech industry with new and innovative ideas. As we progress in this digitally advanced environment.

The company is aim at supporting local and international business with website creations that successfully enables businesses to grow their services online.

What is Digital Marketing

Digital advertising is one of the most powerful ways to launch, grow, or scale any business online.

It can work for any type of product or service, in any industry, at any size.

What’s so magical about it? Why does it work so well?

Well, for starters, digital advertising gives you a scalable and predictable way to generate the one thing every business needs:

Traffic to your site.

We all need traffic to generate leads, which we need to generate customers, which we need to generate revenue, right?

Of course, you need a lot more than traffic to succeed. You need a great offer, a desirable product or service, a well-designed website, and so on. But without any traffic, none of those things will matter… because no one will ever actually see them.

And that, dear friends, is where De Jongh Digital Marketing comes into play.

direct Sales & Marketing

Fill your sales pipeline with clients who can’t wait to work with you

At De Jongh Marketing we hire people with drive and determination. We Create an environment
that is very transparent and oriented on key sales metrics. Ultimately, when we put competitive
people together in a transparent environment, it drives the entire sales up. We Make sure that we
emphasize outcomes to prevent people from confusing activity with productivity.


Why Choose Us?

What sets us apart is our can-do attitude about the projects we take up. We are a colourful bunch of digital specialists: app and web developers, UX and UI designers, Product Managers, Sales and Marketing Strategists, all focused on delivering face-face and online tools and product development services to startups and strong brands looking to grow their business and innovate.


Our Business Partners


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