Your decision to learn how to make money online working from home, may turn out to be the smartest decision you’ve ever made in 2024, because in this article will review secrets on how you can start earning at-least K5,000-K10,000 a day with skills that do not require any sum of investment or membership fee.

All we need from you is your time, attention, a positive mindset and your smartphone that is connected to a stable internet connection.

People these days are making millions if not billions of dollars online each day, whether you call it a scam, digital marketing, application development, bitcoin or forex, the fact still remains that these people are making money online, that makes their lives easier in real life, by the way did you know that technology has produced more millionaires in this generation than never before, talk of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg he owns one of the largest social media company in the tech industry, and Facebook has over a billion users across the whole world and most importantly that’s where we have stored our memories with family and friends but on a corporate side of things how much money do you think they make every day? Just from paid ads that led you from Facebook to this website. We paid K6 per click lead, but the million-dollar question is how much do you think we spend every day? And how many companies are doing the same thing, companies spend millions of USD in marketing, every month. We have spent over R500,000 in online marketing, which if changed in today’s exchange currency as of 03/02/2024 its coming to K825,600 from 2021 to 2023. So, you can imagine how much money people are making online every day and one of the things you need to realize is that things are not the same anymore, you do not need to have a PhD qualification or come from a wealthy background for you to one day own a multi-million-dollar company or to be successful.

The World Tripled its Number of New Millionaires During Covid 19

When Covid-19 Pandemic hit the whole world back in 2021, almost 76% of the companies shut their doors in most countries, and this crashed national economies and people’s lives plus most people lost their Jobs but do you also know that this is the same time when the world tripled its number of new millionaires and most of these people are in the tech industry because when everyone was isolated, and we needed some form of communication to stay in touch with our family and friends (Social Media), Online Shopping became our new norm of buying goods and services currently as you are reading this article, there is billions of transactions happening in E-Commerce and the demand for these services and goods keep on raising each year because technology is making our lives much easier and better, today you can order food in your own comfort of your home using Yango Deli, so technology is not going anywhere anytime soon but the question is how do you perceive the power of technology and what can you do to use technology as a tool to make money.

Why are we telling you all this? When this article is supposed to teach you how you can make money online in Zambia.

Now listen: Somewhere down the line you are going to realize that this free information we are giving you is worth thousands or if not millions of kwachas. And you’re going to start wondering why we are reviewing all these inside secrets for FREE

The reason is rather simple. You see, we run a very successful digital marketing company in the heart of Gauteng, located in waterfall, Johannesburg, De Jongh Digital marketing has contributed to the success of a lot of multinational companies both in Zambia and South Africa, to generate millions of USD in sales revenue. In four years of our existence, we have worked with high reputable companies listed on Johannesburg stock exchange like Vodacom, Vox, Huge TNS, Telkom SA, Mytelnet, MTN Supersonic, RSAWEB to mention a few and these are monopoly telecommunications companies in South Africa.

Our De Jongh Technologies Companies

The founder and mentor of this agency is a young Zambian entrepreneur under the age of 30 whose dreams and aspiration started in a township called Chimwemwe, located in Kitwe, Copperbelt, Zambia. So, no matter where you are in your journey, we hope this piece of content we are sharing with you will change your life the way it changed our mentor’s life. This is our way of giving back to the Zambian community that has made all our wildest dreams possible. The skills and information we are about to review to you is the same secrets and strategy that helped us to become one of the fastest growing digital marketing agency in Johannesburg, and what you need to understand is how passionate we are about our work and giving more people opportunities to think outside the box while we teach them crucial skills needed in this society where technology has become the backbone of any economy especially the African economy where it’s expected to grow by 35% in 2028 so they is a huge gap and easy entry barriers in this industry, all you need is the right skills and mindset and you could be the next Mark Zuckerberg

And remember If you’re not 100% committed to throwing everything you have behind the success of your life then we can’t help you, for us, as with everything else in life, it’s all or nothing

However, if you want to commit and go all in, by the end of this article you’ll discover a skill that will truly bring you predicable, reliable and consistent success that will increase your cash flow in your bank account.

Before we begin there is something that you need to understand first: it will not be easy, it takes hard work and dedication from YOU. It will require you to believe in your dreams and everything you have hoped to achieve for yourself, we are just here to give you the road map and tools to where you want to be in your life. Isn’t it 99% of the problems you are currently facing are all money related, Right? So, let’s learn how to make it in our sleep

If we tell you that you have the opportunity to make K5,000-K10,000 a day would you take it?

Anyway, if you are reading this far then we know you definitely one of the people that we are looking for

Top 5 Skills you need

  1. Digital Marketing
  2. Graphic & Motion Design
  3. Web and Application Design
  4. SEO Optimization and Google Analytics
  5. Affiliate Marketing and Corporate Sales

Some of you may be familiar with the above and to some of you it sounds like a foreign language but not a problem will guide you through steps of how you can use these skills to make money even if you do not have any money right now plus you also stand a chance to win a free one on one mentorship classes teaching you step by step on how you can grow your business where big companies will come throwing their money to you just to work with you.

The first step is to build your working capital as you earn everyday by using affiliate program opportunities that are currently in Zambia, it only makes sense that you make money online to fund any of the business skills we provide in our mentorship classes because any business needs running cost compared to an individual.

For argument sake let’s say you making even K2000 a day with affiliate marketing how much are you making in a week? that’s K14,000, if you only investing 2-4 hours a day pushing those numbers

What is Affiliate Marketing?

This is one of the skills you need to put in your arsenal tool kit, because it will make you money easily to fund any of your projects. Did you know that right now we have companies in Zambia that will pay you for referring a client or customer to them? So, in simple terms affiliate marketing is when you refer people to join or buy a certain product or service for a commission, so each time you refer your customers to them, they are obligated to pay you commission and these companies are looking for you right now.

One of the companies we can indorse or recommend is Game Pawa Zambia, this is an online betting casino business that has an affiliate program that enables you to get a commission for each person you refer to them, it’s about K100 commission per sign up and this is very easy money. How many people do you have on your WhatsApp, Facebook friends and social media groups on twitter Instagram Tiktok and LinkedIn that can sign up with your link every day?

Law of average states that out of 10 people you talk to, at least 1 person is likely to be interested so if you show your product to 100 people you likely have 10 chances to make your commission, you are able to build a large customer base and increase your commission incentives, we know people making K12,000 a day with Game Pawa and you could be one of them, we challenging you to try these simple theories and guided steps for a week and let’s see if you do not make any money.

If you fail to make money even K100 in a day then just forget about financial freedom because this is the easiest way can predict the amount of money you want to make in a day, if you can make yourself a decent amount of money on a daily basis you will release that this information is so powerful, now imagine what a skill like digital marketing can do for you, because will teach you how to create an auto pilot system that makes you money while you on a vacation in Cape town or Siavonga, even in your sleep because Ai technology doesn’t sleep.

Start Making Money Today


Join Game Pawa Zambia by registering using the link below, its easy you just need to create an account using your credentials and deposit any amount to activate your profile on their online betting portal where they will allocate you, your own affiliate link which you can use to share with family and friends to sign up and the great part about them is you can withdraw all your commission or deposit using any mobile money using the number you used to register with them, you can also play over 20 fun casino betting games that can help you earn extra cash plus Game Pawa gives away cash prizes of over K100,000 in prizes every month.

Plus, if you sign up here you will get K1000 in cash bonus on the platform and you stand a chance to be one of the 2 lucky winners that will win a trip to Johannesburg De Jongh Marketing HQ for a free 1-week mentorship one on one with our mentor and his team.

To stand a chance to win this mentorship program for a week in South Africa, make at least a minimum of K5,000 in commission with Game Pawa before 30th of February and take a screenshot of your dashboard commission earnings and email it to winners will be announced on our social platform, return flights accommodation and food on us, and if that’s not enough you get to be given a one year contract opportunity to work at De Jongh Digital Marketing Zambian branch that will soon be launched by April 2024, if I was you, I would grab this opportunity on its neck.